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Mike, I appreciate the fact that you keep building onto a such a great program! I recently closed a very client. It wasn’t the fact they were trying to be difficult, they simply didn’t know any better. All the questions they asked such as “What’s your profit” , “Are you marking up materials or are you buying them and giving me the discount”, and so on. You get the idea. Now I not only have the tools to answer (or not answer), but I have a system in place to help educate a buyer and move the conversation in a way that’s positive and leaves me in control.

I haven’t visited the site in a while so…………………….and I mentioned this to you once before. Can you please put in a “Login” button for us old guys? If you have one and I missed it, please send me a towel to wipe the egg off my face.

Warm regards,
Randy Stumpp